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Untitled, 2010

HD / Color / Silence

Selected Exhibitions

“Seoul International New Media Art Festival”, Media Theatre I-GONG, Seoul, Korea

“Shiryoukan Art Suru”, Sapporo Archive Museum (Sapporo Shiryoukan), Sapporo, Japan
“I’m on the Road to…”, Mizuma & One Gallery, Beijing, China

Artist Statement

Artist has given no information regarding the context of the video to audience. This creates an environment for audience to emerge themselves into the work and to sense the poetics in nonverbal communication. He also intentionally titled the work as “Untitled”, and showing the sign-language-like performance with no sound and no subtitle to illustrate the work which to enhance the dramatic effect. The work originates from an experience of artist’s communication with a local Japanese while he was having his artist-in-residency in Japan. He fascinated how people with different nationality and language can be communicated with body language. Even though misinterpretation might happen, it is one of the beauties in this communication.

UntitledVideo Still

Video Still

Video Still