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So Far, So Right at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, curated by Fang Yen Hsiang


So Far, So Right: A Study of Reforms and Transitions Across Borders
Artists: Aleksandra Domanović, Chen Szu-Han, David Maljković, Kosta Tonev, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Morgan Wong, Phương Linh Nguyen, Phụ Lục (The Appendix), Syu Jia Jhen, UuDam Tran Nguyen, Wu Chi-Yu, Zbyněk Baladrán

Curator: Fang Yen Hsiang
Date: 2017.12.29 (Fri.) – 2018.02.25 (Sun.)
Venue: 1F, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, TNUA
Reception: 2017.12.29 (Fri.) 5:00p.m.

Artist Talk: 2017.12.30 (Sat.) 2 pm, 2018.01.27 (Sat.) 2 pm, Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Screening: 2018.01.13 (Sat.) 3 pm, 01.22 (Sat.) 3 pm, Taipei Contemporary Art Center

Since the balance of power shifted after the Cold War, a new proposal for global governance has been in the making. In the name of a new framework, this proposal is conceived by emerging great powers, where the alliance of startups across countries, the reconstruction of transnational resources and logistics systems, as well as the acquisition of new management technologies such as information technology, together allow the new governing powers to transcend borders and enter the realm of biopolitics all the more efficiently.

Project So Far, So Right is based on the concept of deforming and how it osmoses into the given framework of global governance. The project unfolds from the investigation and delineation of two post-communist narratives as well as their metamorphoses, interweaving relations, and tensions, proposing a possible method to re-entangle their histories and imagined futures, thus launching a new life story.

Set against the backdrop of two former socialist blocs and their political geography in the past, the project delves into the history of the trade and labor alliance of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, the gradual process of the communist system partially or entirely transitioning into the market system, and how these countries transform into emerging economies on a global scale. The project also investigates the transmutations and contradictions in the ways marketization, democratization, and the construction of national identity confront these regions during their political and economic transition, as well as how they grapple with the regional political and economic alliance of which it is part, the delicate relations between great powers, and the undercurrents and volatile states of the individual, the collective, and society.

Through the manifestation and aestheticization of diaspora and cross-border experiences, portraying a unique state of passing through and interfering with conceptual or physical borders, this project attempts to trace a back-and-forth history of connection, a biohistory that transcends the governance of national planned economy and all-encompassing marketization and technologization. As we examine the biohistory from an external vantage point — whether it’s the bridging of political fault lines, or the tenacious force that resists and wrestles outside the system — we witness an opposition to the framework of national power and capitalist deployment, defying the governing force of the economization of life.

The project So Far, So Right is sponsored by the Production Grants to Independent Curators in Visual Arts of National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan.

Organizer: Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Co-Organizer: Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, TNUA Sponsors National Culture and Arts Foundation; Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government; RC Culture and Arts Foundation
Media Partner: No Man’s Land
Special Thanks: Nhà Sàn Collective, A+ Contemporary, Metro Pictures, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

Morgan Wong’s exhibition is partly supported by Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project) of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.