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Our Feet Are Always Younger than Our Heads, 2018

Performance & Video
1 hour duration

The choreography of Wong’s work was created in collaboration with Jason Yap and with help from WING Platform.


Selected Exhibitions

“#YOU #ME #OURSELFIES” at Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong


Artist Statement


Our Feet Are Always Younger than Our Heads furthers Wong’s research on temporality in the field of science. The work follows the repetitive and durational movement of a dancer in the exhibition—a testament to the absurd effort of trying to reduce the gravitational effect on a person’s biological passage of time. Following the urgency in the irrepressibility of time passing, the effect of gravitational time dilation that slows time by gravity unveils an alternative understanding of the flow of time. The phenomenon, suggested by Albert Einstein in his theory of general relativity and later verified through experiment, manifests that the greater the gravitational force one encounters, the slower time one will experience. Thus, we cannot resist the nature of our feet being younger than our heads.
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Performance Still at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre