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Luuk Schröder and Morgan Wong collaborate in Ulsan, Korea

overview1 The work we do while not exactly working

Video Installation
Luuk Schröder and Morgan Wong


Spending a number of days in Ulsan we regularly encountered people working on and around small plastic stools. These stools are almost exclusively used for functional purposes and labour. Ajumma’s on the marketplace use them while preparing food and shopkeepers sit on them to await customers. By bringing the stools into an exhibition space, we partly changed their function. Not only do they accommodate visitors, they also become an art object.

In the work Study of Eventfulness and Durationality (Permutating Six Stools), Morgan uses six IKEA stools of which their functionality loses its importance. Instead of sitting or working, he engages in seemingly endless and purposeless labour. For eleven hours straight, Morgan rearranged the six stools to cover all possible arrangements. This kind of wasted effort is found in the exhibited video works by both artists. When the value of labour is not in its end result, the only thing that is achieved is the passage of time. Each video device contains a performance in which time is spent. Seeing an endlessly revolving mirror through a studio space; words, actions and gestures rearranged by a computer into disconnected scenes; or a globe swiped continuously by an invisible finger, they each have its own, self-contained, subjective arrangement of time.

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Installation View