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Journey – Hong Kong, 2007

Digital Print, Video
112 x 180 cm; Color / Stereo / SD


Shortlisted, The The Sovereign Asian Art Prize, 2012


NPO S-AIR, Sapporo, Japan

Selected Exhibitions

“Fictional Recoveries”, Pearl Lam Galleries (Shanghai), Shanghai, China

Artist Statement

Proxemics is a term, introduced by anthropologist E.T. Hall in 1963, discussing about interpersonal space. From Hall’s theory, there is an informal space, which is characterized by personal zone, or “bubble” that varies for individuals and circumstances. This personal zone constitutes an area that humans protect from the intrusion of outsiders, while the use of such spatial relationships can impede or promote the act of communication. For instant, the comfort personal zone for public should be having radius of 12 to 25 feet. However, in our everyday life, there are a lot of situation that we are not able to keep this distance with others, like in a packed cabin or on a crowded street. Sometimes we will feel uncomfortable that we are getting too close with others, which even might have physical contact. Journey is an interactive video that in result of abstract digital prints. Artist carried his camera and walked along a busy touristic street in Hong Kong, namely “Women Street”, for 24 times in a day. The resulted 24 videos are being processed and stored in a DVD. With the access of DVD from the audience, the time of that DVD being played is recorded in an internet server and in result in the video being viewed by different audience will be different. Each of the one-pixel-width video bars represented an access of the DVD by an audience, and finally the whole video will be filled with processed video bars. It’s an abstract expression of our inevitable contact with others though we are trying to maximize our distance from each other. It included not only immaterial contact of pedestrian that not supposed to meet, while also the involuntary contact between audiences, which in a form of contact of video bars.

Journey Hong Kong
Digital Print

Journey - Hong Kong
Exhibition View at Pearl Lam Galleries (Shanghai)

Journey - Hong Kong
Video Still