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  • “Asian Cultural Council Fellowship”
    New York
    Jun – Nov 2019
Artforum.com 500 words, 9th Jan 2018
Morgan Wong discusses his recent and ongoing work


RTHK ARTSPIRATION 好想藝術 Feature, first aired on 25th Jun 2017

Lecture Performance at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Some Thoughts on Time Dilation (AAA, ABB, ABHK, America, Beuys, Bread, Cao, Einstein, Hare, Kentridge, Leung, Mangoes, Pythagoras, River, Wong Jr., Wong Sr. and possibly more)

Lecture Performance

Some Thoughts on Time Dilation (AAA, ABB, ABHK, America, Beuys, Bread, Cao, Einstein, Hare, Kentridge, Leung, Mangoes, Pythagoras, River, Wong Jr., Wong Sr. and possibly more) (2018) furthers Wong’s research on temporality to the field of science. Following the urgency in the irrepressibility of time passing, the effect of gravitational time dilation that slows time by gravity unveils an alternative understanding of the flow of time. The phenomenon, suggested by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity and later verified through experiment, manifests that the greater the gravitational force one encounters, the slower time one will experience. The lecture performance draws in anecdotes that help Wong to relate such scientific effect into his personal encounters.


Condo Shanghai

Filling Down a Steel Bar until a Needle is Made installation view Frame of the Images; Boundary of the Time – Condo Shanghai
Morgan Wong, José León Cerrillo, Nina Beier
July 7 – Aug. 26, 2018
A+ Contemporary



Interview with A+ (Chinese only at the moment)

A+ Contemporary is pleased to host Mexico City and Mérida-based gallery joségarcía ,mx for the exhibition Frame of the Images; Boundary of the Time, within the context of the first edition of Condo Complex in Shanghai on July 7th. In collaboration with joségarcía, mx, the works in this exhibition invite viewers to step inside a multidimensional labyrinth from installation-sculptural pieces, to found objects and video works. Centering on themes regarding image and time, typographical notations and fabrics move between trajectories of frames, they coalesce with the expanding boundary of the time, allowing works to rotate in a perpetual pendulum where objects and space intertwine. The exhibition will run through August 26th.

Transmuting from clean graphic images into carefully assembled sculptural works, Mexico City-based artist José León Cerrillo’s New Baroque and POEM series reinterpret and revisit the formal quality of images from which he liberates the basic pictorial elements of lines, shapes and colors to allow them with various spatial densities. Visitors are invited to view the works from various angles. Nina Beier, the artist born in Denmark and based in Berlin exhibits a series titled Portrait Mode, for which she reinvestigates the condition of image through a reverse trajectory, situating found second-hand clothes onto the verso of the pictorial frame. Turning the object into images, Beier comments on the ever-changing fashion trend as a framed one that is in itself superficial and artificial.

Re-examining and re-investigating the passage of time, Hong Kong-based artist Morgan Wong represents time in various mediums, stretching the boundary of the time to its very limit. Reframing an ancient Chinese proverb, the video work, Filling Down a Steel Bar Until a Needle is Made, presents a snapshot of such eponymous deed of the artist that absurdly transcends time in his lifetime. In Time Needle Series, the artist extends the former work by collecting and sealing the metal powder collected from the steel bar into a needle-shaped glass-tube that captures his daily effort as if a time capsule. Through these transitory yet continuous gestures, the artist invites the audience to enter into a ritualistic realm where the temporal and spatial interrelations become an intermediating one that slowly dissolve one another.

Crossing the shifting frame of the images and traversing the blurry boundary of the time, three artists’ conceptual and performative portrayals unfold a tale of image and time inside this subtle yet vigorous space. Between the moving and the static, the formal and the representational, viewers gradually become a part of this interlacing vista.

Frame of the Images; Boundary of the Time - Condo Shanghai installation view 6 Time Needle series installation view 2

Exhibition View at A+ Contemporary

Luuk Schröder and Morgan Wong collaborate in Ulsan, Korea

overview1 The work we do while not exactly working

Video Installation
Luuk Schröder and Morgan Wong


Spending a number of days in Ulsan we regularly encountered people working on and around small plastic stools. These stools are almost exclusively used for functional purposes and labour. Ajumma’s on the marketplace use them while preparing food and shopkeepers sit on them to await customers. By bringing the stools into an exhibition space, we partly changed their function. Not only do they accommodate visitors, they also become an art object.

In the work Study of Eventfulness and Durationality (Permutating Six Stools), Morgan uses six IKEA stools of which their functionality loses its importance. Instead of sitting or working, he engages in seemingly endless and purposeless labour. For eleven hours straight, Morgan rearranged the six stools to cover all possible arrangements. This kind of wasted effort is found in the exhibited video works by both artists. When the value of labour is not in its end result, the only thing that is achieved is the passage of time. Each video device contains a performance in which time is spent. Seeing an endlessly revolving mirror through a studio space; words, actions and gestures rearranged by a computer into disconnected scenes; or a globe swiped continuously by an invisible finger, they each have its own, self-contained, subjective arrangement of time.

_edit_rearrangements_permutations3 globe_measurement(mirror)1

Installation View